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The Ultimate Tweezer Breakdown for Lash Artists

As a lash artist, there are WAY too many options for tools. It can be totally overwhelming to know which products to try and researching can be a headache. When I'm left with too many choices I usually freak out and choose nothing. Because I know this about myself, I thought I would round up some of the DLL community's favorite lash tweezers, why they like them and what to look for. I've also done a post like this on lash adhesives because I know that can also be super overwhelming.

For me personally, all I can say is you'll know when you hold them that they just feel "right" (according to everyone else's info, this seems to be the consensus).

Your tweezers should work with you, be flexible and sharp and you shouldn't feel like you're death gripping while lashing. I like a little bounce. The tip should be SHARP and you should always have a back up of your go-to pair.

Below are some tips from artists along with their favorite tweezers + why. My best advice is to purchase three and play around with them. Pay close attention to how you're lashing with them and you'll quickly learn which ones are better for you. Once you've found your match, stock up. There's nothing worse than dropping a pair mid lashing LOL! 

@jules_estieco: My favorite tweezers are the Slim Boot Grippopotamus tweezers from Lost Artistry. The sweet spot on the tweezers is the area where the tweezers clamp completely together and securely hold the lashes so that the fan doesn't fall apart. 

@cheekyabeautybar: tweezers for me. I look for a longer handle and sharp tips that grip perfectly.

@bycrystalrose: I love + @revolashion tweezers. I look for tweezers that are sharp, sleek, and that my hands feel comfortable with. Both brands have taught me the importance of what different tweezers mean and that changed the way I do sets forever.

@stefnunezzz: Honestly I am so old school, I love my Vetus tweezers they gave us in school! I like a heavier weight with a super sharp tip as well!

@lashedbykat3110: My favorite volume tweezers are magic mike from livery. Those are my go-to 100% and I love my tweezers to be super lightweight and they need to clamp together completely. 

@slaybabebeauty: I love @ebllashes #207 and @lashmakers volume tweezers #117. I like the good grip. I look forward in a little bounce back with the grip. Meaning the tension needs to be good but also able to release easily. I like it to be versatile. I want to be able to pick up 3-10 lashes without losing grip. For classic and isolation, I like them to be thin and sharp to easily separate. Lately I'll even use my own volume tweezers to pick up on my classics. 

@lauren_lashologynj: L+ tweezer from @lashboxla. I look for a slim short tweezer that has a small L shaped grip. I'm a pincher and a too small area to pick up the lashes is perfect for me.

@snoozelashstudio: @ebllashes #207 is the best boot tweezer I have found. I love the grip and they can even grab the tiny .03s! Also they require very little pressure so no hand cramps. 

I hope this was helpful to any artists looking for that perfect set of tweezers. And if you want more insight into what lashing tools to use in general, you can find that here!



Jamie - February 23, 2021

Thanks this is super helpful! I’m looking to try some new tweezers so this is perfect to get me started.

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